Our women’s circles are where you will learn how to tap into your own wisdom to guide your journey. Together we create a safe space to practice self-confidence, remind us of our worth, be supported, express our feelings openly and freely, create community and to foster healing. The workshop is 2 hours of commiting to the self, acknowledging the self and cultivating awareness. You will gain clarity about certain aspects of your nature that you didn't know before.

In our women’s circles, we are all students and teachers. No one is the expert. We engage in open honest dialogue around topics that push us to dive deeper into our own knowing. We listen to every glowtrotter openly from our hearts without judgment. We seek to understand and reflect. We uplift, we laugh, we sing, we honor and we celebrate the goddess within all of us.

Let's see where the pen takes you!

What you will need to bring

  • Pen

  • Journal

Various Offerings

  • Your Words are Healing, Your Voice is Magic at MINKA Brooklyn

  • Soul Sister Circles at HealHaus

  • Mother/Daughter Circles at New Women Space

  • Glowtrotter Circles - young women

I’m so thankful Gloetry entered my life when it did. A safe space to speak my truth, however scary, was always received by a group of truly inspiring and supportive women. The questions asked and the self reflecting journaling that takes place in these get togethers can transform negative thought patterns and encourage breakthroughs. What I love even more than my own victories of inner work is the sense of community and belonging I feel when sitting in the group circle listening to everyone’s stories/truth. Through Gloetry, I’ve asked myself some tough questions, which I’m still journeying through, and made deep connections and friendships. It’s an amazing group to be a part of; the energy, women, and support is refreshing and undeniably vital.
- Alysa B

Our women’s circles are for women, women-identifying and non-binary people of all backgrounds. We create an intersectional space, which means that we encourage the exploration of how all aspects of our identity, including but not limited to race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, age, mental and physical ability, education, socio-economic background etc. intersect with and impact our experiences as women. We give space to groups who have historically been marginalized in society and have disproportionately struggled to have their voices heard.