Noticing a lack of spaces for women to congregate, engage in meaningful conversations, expand their awareness, and create sisterhood, compelled me to re-imagine the ways we relate with one another. As a woman in my late twenties, I was craving emotional intimacy, a deeper connection with myself, and a safe space to use my voice. Yearning for an environment that supported me in my personal growth and evolution, and not knowing where to turn, I decided to create it myself. Gloetry Assembly serves women by providing a space for exploration, healing and community. We are changing what it means to socialize with our girlfriends. Not every girl’s night out needs to be a night at the bar, try a women’s circle as another way to connect.

Check out our various offerings as we are always adding new and enriching programs for female enlightenment. We believe we are activating the feminine power and emboldening our women to share their voice to change the world. To speak up when they don't feel worthy, valued or respected. To speak out against intolerance and injustice. To know that their vulnerability and courage is someone's inspiration. Glowtrotters are leading the way and shedding their light on humanity. We hope that you will join us on that mission.

Read “Experience The Magic of Gloetry Assembly’s Women’s Circles” to learn more about our community.

Gloetry Assembly is currently operating out of various spaces in Brooklyn, New York.

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About the Glowtrotting Queen Karmay

Karmay Gorley is a lightworker, sacred space holder, workshop facilitator and feminine power activator. She deeply believes that when we heal the collective we can heal the individual. She is passionate about the power of community and connection. She believes that when women identify, dismantle and reframe limiting beliefs they can reclaim their lives, their value, and their worth. She created Gloetry in order to help women transform their lives by creating safe spaces for authentic expression, self-development and collaboration. On her own healing journey, Gloetry gave Karmay community, friends, sisterhood, meaning, fulfillment, and unconditional love. This is what Gloetry has the power to give to all women and she is honored to be her chosen vessel.