How would you rate the culture and climate at your school or in your company? Does everyone feel connected to each other and the organization’s higher purpose? Are your employees happy, engaged and interested in the work they are doing?

Research shows that over 80% of employees are unhappy at work. Top down management, lack of transparency, unclear goals, and ego-centered leadership creates a toxic, disconnected and unhealthy work environment.

Gloetry Assembly helps organizations create happier and healthier cultures rooted in love, acceptance and belonging for a productive and profitable business. We are the go to partner to guide you on how to increase the interconnectedness on your teams and bring more meaning to your employee's daily lives.

Our workshops promote inclusivity and introspection amongst colleagues directly leading to an empathetic and consciously aware workforce. This holistic approach to culture  increases productivity, and happiness, decreases stress, and strengthens the community at your company

Be the change and build a heart centered, unified team.


  1. Deepen relationships and improve communication for team building and collaboration

  2. Cultivate an empathetic, supportive, and engaging workplace

  3. Enable people with diverse backgrounds, insights, and experiences to work together openly, respectfully and collaboratively.

  4. Enable different people to be themselves, express themselves, and realize their full potential, in the same workspace.

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