Creating a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

The results are clear. Research shows employees with better mental health resources and stronger connections to their coworkers are not only physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier but more productive throughout the workday, and more likely to stay at their company.

Gloetry Assembly’s wellness programs are dedicated to improving the physical, emotional and mental health of your employees. Our programs promote inclusivity and introspection amongst colleagues directly leading to an empathetic and consciously aware workforce. This holistic approach to wellness  increases productivity, and happiness, decreases stress, and strengthens the community at your company

An alarming stat:.

  • On average, there were 24 working days lost per person between 2015 - 2016 due to anxiety, depression and stress.

Let’s be the change and build a healthy community together.

Gloetry Assembly Wellness Programs:

  1. Deepen relationships and improve communication for team building and collaboration

  2. Cultivate an empathetic, supportive, and engaging workplace

  3. Enable people with diverse backgrounds, insights, and experiences to work together openly, respectfully and collaboratively.

  4. Enable different people to be themselves, express themselves, and realize their full potential, in the same workspace.

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