Become A Certified Gloetry Circle Facilitator:


Are you ready to take the next step in your soul evolution, serve humanity and radically transform yourself in the process by becoming a circle facilitator?

Creating and holding space is an indigenous, sacred practice that has the power to impact individuals, groups and communities in a profound and meaningful way. At Gloetry, becoming a circle facilitator is a sacred rite of passage that requires patience and commitment.


In the process of becoming a facilitator, we are called to journey into the unknown, face our fears, and heal parts of ourselves that have disconnected with Spirit. This psycho-spiritual development is an initiation to the warriors that we truly are.

If you are considering becoming a facilitator then you are being called to bring more harmony, balance and unity to humanity. We welcome you, and look forward to walking this path together. 

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The circle training is broken down into two parts: 1. Coaching + 2. Training.


I take an inside out approach. We dive into your darkness, your shadows and your wounds in order to help you confront what has been holding you back or haunting you for many years. I support you on the integration process through reiki, meditation, and journaling. 

I find that my clients understand their pain, their past and what has happened in their lives, but they often struggle to uncover the root cause of their suffering, and move forward. We work together on doing the inner-work, and bringing your blind spots into your periphery. You need to do that for yourself, so you can feel prepared when holding space for others. When you face the scariest parts of yourself, the parts you have been avoiding for years, the parts you hope no one else sees, you will feel empowered to support others through this process as well.

Coaching, much like circle, is a reciprocal relationship and partnership aimed at taking actionable steps to your liberation and freedom.

As your coach, I am your mirror, your accountability partner, your biggest cheerleader, a guide through your wounds, a visionary for all that is possible for you.


The next step is proactive action. Once you have integrated your shadow, it is time to use what you learned to change their world. 

You will learn:

  • The fundamentals + principles of circle

  • Conscious communication and how to manage group dynamics

  • Conflict resolution

  • Purification rituals and energy clearing strategies

  • Develop your first circle and get clear on your message 

  • How to use the masculine and feminine energies to support your circle

  • How to create a safe space with guidelines and principles

  • How to design your structure and flow

  • The art of facilitation strategies, tools and tactics

  • Intention setting through crystals and various natural elements

I created this training in a way that sets you up for success. It has garnered positive feedback and has helped women be ready to step into their leadership. I have led hundreds of women in circle over the last 3 years, and am honored to share my wisdom with you, and support you on your awakening and ascension process.

I reserve a select number of private coaching spots for those who are committed to their healing and evolution. If you are solely interested in private coaching, I help people get unstuck, and get back in touch with who they really are. My sessions can be done virtually or in person( if you are local to NYC). Connect with me to see if my training program is right for you.